Can not watch program from iMac?
安安 李
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加入於: 2011/12/26
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Hi Amy,

I have no problem watch TV programs from iPad, iPod Touch and Roku BUT NOT from iMac.

Did you know why?

5ik.TV Support
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Dear 安安,
You can use Mac, Windows, or any other computer as device as long you have Flash player installed.

Please visit to verify that you have the latest flash player. From there you can re-visit to use our service.

If you're still having problem, and would like us to check it out, please install TeamViewer and e-mail us the number shown on the software. From there we can have engineer have a look remotely.

Amy Lam
安安 李
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加入於: 2011/12/26
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Than you, Amy.

It works now.