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Roku XDS have to try multiple times to watch
Randy Freeman
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加入於: 2011/12/7
回覆: 2012年2月20日 下午 03:45 引用
On my Roku XDS I always need to try 10 or 20 times to start a program on your channel. As a reference, Netflix always starts the first time. Do I have something setup wrong or is this normal for your channel?
5ik.TV Support
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加入於: 2011/5/2
回覆: 2012年2月20日 下午 08:21 引用
hi Randy,
It is abnormal and usually happen due to network slowness.  We have placed work order to better your network routing between your network and our service site.  Please let us know if the problem still occur.

thanks for your support and patience,
Amy Lam