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Sean Kung
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Hi, Amy

Trying to watch 5ik.tv using eeePad  but after 10-15 minutes got message saying "connection to server exceed time limits".  Is this a setting issue?

5ik.TV Support
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Hi Sean,
Thank you for the feedback.  Does this happen every time?  We had scheduled maintenance earlier and this could be the reason your stream got disconnected for the moment.

We haven't test the particular device yet.  With our Android app testing, we were able to playback for more than 24 hour. A typically switch channel should take about 3 seconds.  This is assuming you are using high speed internet.  The test was done in California using cable modem.

Please let us know (support @ 5ik.tv ) if further assistance is needed.

Amy Lam
Sean Kung
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加入於: 2011/9/18
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Thanks for the quick response.

I am sorry.  I was talking about your android app.  Usually it will hang after running for about 10 minutes.  Sometime, it will display the server timeout message.  I am using cable modem at home too.  Have no problem using Roku or Browser, only the app has problem.