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Can I use the IPad and Roku by the same account and the same time?
Brian Wang
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加入於: 2013/1/30
回覆: 2013年2月7日 下午 07:27 引用
My family had some IOS devices at same house and I had Roku too. Can I use them by the same account and the same time?
5ik.TV Support
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Hi there,
Although we are not reinforce the policy, it's our policy to have 1 viewing session at a time, to avoid possible problem such as video delay or lagging.

Please refer to our general policy below:

As paid subscriber, you can have as many devices as you wish in the same house.

Please do note that, our policy is the same as cable TV - you will need to use all the devices at the same household.

Due the connectivity speed of Internet, when you have multiple viewing sessions concurrently, the signal quality might be degraded, even produce lagging or unwatchable situation.  Therefore we encourage you to use 1 viewing session at a time.

thanks for your understanding and support,