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James Wang
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My subscription will expire in July.
Where do I renew my contract?  I cannot locate the website to do it.
Please send us the web link, thnaks.

5ik.TV Support
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Hi James,
Thank you for your support and checking in.  I have looked up your subscription and it is in active status - PayPal would charge you from the payment source you used.  It will take place at the end of your subscription (mid-July).

In case you like to review and update the payment source, such as change to another credit card, please review the instruction below:
  • Sign in to the Paypal account
  • Navigate to Profile. Under Financial Information, click Preapproved Payments
  • You should see 5ik.TV listed as pre-approved payment. Please click into the record
  • Make changes you wish to and click Update button to save the change.
As additional reference, our subscription policy allows you to cancel or subscribe anytime you wish, without any hidden fee or cost.  If you cancelled the subscription, it means you won't receive any bill or charge from us.  And you won't lose any subscription time you already paid for.

Amy Lam