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Tom Chiou
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加入於: 2012/6/17
回覆: 2013年7月2日 下午 08:30 引用

I noticed the show information is usually delayed by about 30 minutes to an hour.  When I browse the channel grid and see a show I wanted to watch, it's usually not the show that's currently showing.  I made sure my timezone is correctly set on my profile but it still doesn't do it.

On your website, the program list shows correct information with correct timing though.  I was wondering if that can be updated.

5ik.TV Support
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加入於: 2011/5/2
回覆: 2013年7月3日 上午 03:37 引用
Hi Tom,
Thank you for the feedback and the bug report.  I will have our web engineer to check it out.

To handle the problem accurately, can you let us know your time zone?

Amy Lam
Tom Chiou
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加入於: 2012/6/17
回覆: 2013年7月4日 上午 08:35 引用
central time.

thank you.

Robert Lin
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加入於: 2013/1/4
回覆: 2013年8月20日 下午 12:12 引用
I have the same issue when using Roku.
I'm in Los Angeles (Pacific time zone )
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加入於: 2012/12/4
回覆: 2013年11月6日 上午 11:52 引用
Ditto, in LA area.