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Roku channel suggestions
S. Y. Hsieh
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加入於: 2011/10/16
回覆: 2011年10月27日 上午 10:41 引用
I would like to suggest a few changes to make the Roku channel better:

Allow Up and Down (or REV(<<) & FF(>>)) while in channel to change to previous and next channel.

Change channel selection to grid format (like in channel store) to make channel selection easier.

Allow "Favorite" channel saving.

Show program guide "Now playing" info for channel.

Thank you for a wonderful service!
5ik.TV Support
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加入於: 2011/5/2
回覆: 2011年10月28日 上午 12:59 引用
Thank you very much for the suggestion. There are exact items in the track of our Roku next round feature list.

The only limitation we can't get in Roku is Chinese character display, which is not supported by Roku. This is making programming display merely difficult. Currently we can only use graphics for the Chinese and it slow down the navigation.

thank you again and, enjoy!
Amy Lam support staff