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We received an e-mail from mkt@5ik.tv last week.
FREE Roku with 1 Year of live home town media service 
Order 1 year subscription during the holiday and we will send you a free Roku LT! 
Just enter promote code: roku2011 at our online store. 

35% discount for you or the love one! 
Already have a device? enjoy 35% OFF ($6.73/mo.) for yourself or the love one! Enter promote code: 3aef9faddeals in the shop. 

Can I combine these promotions that
I pay $80.76  ($6.73/mo. * 12) for 1 Year service andI get Roku LT and 5ik.tv 1-year-subscription?

5ik.TV Support
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Dear Joe and all,

The Roku promotion allows you to do the shopping in one stop, getting roku and 1 year subscription for the total of $124.32 ($74.33 per year for the subscription).

Whereas the 35% off allow you to obtain the yearly subscription for $80.8.  

Both promotion would give you $6 and changes.  I hope the explanation clarify the confusion

Wish you all have a happy holiday :)

Amy Lam